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Get Your Gutters Cleaned Now! Before It's Too Late. Here's Why

Updated: Feb 10

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Why Do I Need To Clean My Gutters?

Gutters are designed to collect rainwater from the roof and carry it away from the foundation of the home through downspouts. Since both the gutters and downspouts need to be clear in order to carry out this task, having clogged gutters could cause an overflow of water.

If the water has nowhere to go, it will naturally fill up the gutter and eventually overflow onto the foundation of the home – and it won’t stop there! Depending on the amount of water and the condition of the foundation, water could seep into your basement or crawl space. Foundation repair alone could cost upward of $10,000, and if water leaks into your basement, your home could be at risk of mold.

Clogged gutters can also pose a weight strain on your roof and the fascia (the boards behind the gutters). If the gutters are too full, they could possibly collapse off the roof of your home, causing damage to the shingles of the roof and the exterior of the house.

To summarize: A routine cleaning of your gutters can prevent damage to your roof, exterior and foundation, saving you thousands in possible repair costs.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Gutters?

Now that you know what’s at stake with clogged gutters, how do you ensure your gutters are clean and able to effectively channel water away from your home? Obviously, it’s not practical to climb a ladder every day and check their condition.

Actually, most professionals will only recommend that you clean your gutters two times a year: once in the spring and another time in the fall. However, depending on your city’s climate and the number of trees near your home, you may have to clean your gutters more frequently.

This is especially true if you live in a climate where it freezes during the winter. If your gutters are unable to properly drain water from your roof, the buildup of water may reach your roof and cause damage to your shingles when the weather drops to freezing conditions.

It’s also not a bad idea to check your gutters after a severe storm. Leaves, branches and other debris might have become dislodged during the storm and found their way into your gutters.

It might sound like a lot to keep up with, but spending just an hour checking and possibly cleaning out your gutters a few times a year is worth the amount of money you’ll save in potential damage. If you’re still not thrilled by the prospect of climbing a ladder and unclogging your gutters, you can outsource this task to a professional.

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